Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products made from the purest natural ingredients?

Origine brand focuses on Ayurveda rituals; we assure to use only purest and 100% safe vegan-friendly ingredients for crafting skincare, haircare, and facial care products.

Are Origine skincare products safe for all types of skin?

Whether you have sensitive skin, combination skin, dry skin, or normal skin, the products crafted by Origine are 100% reliable and safer for every skin type without any concern of side effects.

Are your skincare and haircare products vegan and sustainable?

When it comes to sustainability, our brand is a follower of Ayurveda, which presents that we use only natural elements to craft vegan-friendly products for our consumers. Also, we love our environment, and for its safety and betterment, we choose to follow the pathway of vegetarianism.

Are the products chemical-free?

Origine especially woked over Ayurveda's research through which we utmost avoid the usage of chemicals to take care of skin, face, and hair using natural ingredients from nature.

Are the products suitable to provide effective results?

Firstly, our products are made using herbs collected from the nature which gives us a clear result that natural ingredients work from the depth through which the actual problem of skin and hair is eliminated with the goodness of nature.

Is the packaging of the products eco-friendly and recyclable?

Yes, we use nature-friendly and animal-friendly products for packaging for saving our environment. Also, every box and bottle can be recycled for many uses without any hassle.

What kind of ingredients are used for creating Origine products?

We use traditional Ayurvedic ingredients like turmeric, tea tree, coconut, amla, and other natural herbs, and ingredients are used to create vegan skincare and haircare products for better care and nourishment.

Can these products cause side effects?

Origine ensures to create 100% natural products which are safe and healthy for the skin and hair.

Can I order your products through the website?

Yes, you can surely order Origine products through the website effortlessly and get the best services from our team.

Are the products tested and qualified?

When we talk about quality and testing, every product is properly and certified by high-end professionals to ensure that you can get a safe and 100% pure form of our skincare and hair care products for better care without any tension of side effects.

Is the cash on delivery feature available on your website?

Yes, you can surely shop from Origine’s website and take advantage of our cash-on-delivery method for payment.

How to order products online?

If you want to order Origine products then you can visit and explore every category and pick out your favorite goodies and add them to the cart and then simply checkout by making payment.

Are the fragrances in the products natural or artificial?

Origine is an Ayurvedic skincare and haircare brand we strictly avoid the usage of chemicals and artificial contents in our products. We focus on using natural and ayurvedic ingredients for creating effective and safe products for every consumer. And, the fragrances are 100% natural and therapeutic for the skin and hair.

Are online payment methods available for online shopping?

Yes, you can effortlessly use our secure online payment features to make instant payments for shopping the best Ayurvedic products by Origine.

Do the Bath care products offer moisturization to dry skin?

Origine is an effective ayurvedic brand that assures the create effective and safe products for the skin. When it comes to bath care for dry skin you can get heavenly hydrating and moisturizing products to get the best results for refreshing silky soft skin.

How to check the status of an Order?

Once your parcels are dispatched you will get tracking details and other information through mail or SMS. Also, you'll get a shipping confirmation text too. Similarly, you can check the status of the order through the website effortlessly. And, in case of any issue or enquiry you can surely contact us anytime.

What types of product range do you offer?

We offer face care, hair care, healthcare, bath and body care products that are side-effect free and made from raw materials of nature.

Are the bath and haircare range free from paraben?

Yes, Origine ensures to craft products made from natural raw materials to maintain better conditioning of the hair and skin. Also, our products are 100% safe for everyone to leave your skin and hair heavenly moisturized.

As your brand is new in the market, how can we trust you?

Origine is a simple and effective naturespired brand that creates every product range using natural ayurvedic materials. Also, our product range is certified and quality-assured to maintain good health of your skin, hair and body.

Can your skincare and face care range help reduce skin concerns like acne, dark spots and tanning?

Yes, our skincare and face care range is made from 100% natural ingredients of nature, which helps to nourish the skin from depths to maintain the natural glowing and spot-free texture of the skin. Similarly, you can get products according to every skin type and concern.

Do your products contain silicon or artificial fragrance?

Origine is a naturespired brand that ensures to offer products that are made from natural ingredients. These products are quality tested and free from artificial fragrances and silicon. As silicon can harm your skin and hair, our brand strictly ensures to avoid the use of chemicals, synthetic fragrances and silicon.