Who We Are

"With Origine, You Can Get Natural Care For Skin, Face & Hair" 

Origine is one name for the Ayurveda which crafts authentic and natural formulations of the skincare, facial care and haircare range. The essence of nature and Ayurveda are combined to create pure foods for the skin. From ancient rituals of Ayurveda, we especially create substances that can cure the problems of beauty with a touch of nature.

Every formulation of the skincare product is infused with purest and ayurvedic elements that can take care of the skin and hair gently. Our sustainable and vegan concept takes surety to produce nature-friendly products for hair, face and skin.

Choice For All

The power of Ayurveda is reconnected with the modernization to present an effective nature-inspired range for skin and hair care. And, with the natural solutions of Origine, you are one step ahead to meet your healthy and glowing skin. Every natural and vegan composition of the products will help to enhance the glossy and healthy texture of hair for flaunting natural looking gorgeous hair.

For facial care, every product is made using the most natural and ancient ritual products that can eliminate the unwanted concerns with the nourishment of pure herbs.

From the depth of ancient researches of Ayurveda, we have brought the finest formulations of skincare, hair care and facial care goodies that can purify your skin from underneath to let the natural glow come up to make you feel happier and confident about your skin with the goodness of Origine.

"Nature is here, We care, Your skin and hair are gentle just get the traditional touch of nature for care"