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Which Vitamin is Best to Prevent Hair Loss?

Prevent Hair Loss

“What is the cause of your hair loss?” Have you ever heard these words from people who suggest to you every “this” and “that” to prevent it? We bet not many have considered the statement.

One major nourishing element for hair is Vitamins. People who have thin hair or massive hair loss issues have likely not consumed essential vitamins and nutrients in their diet. While it’s still not evident that vitamins can quicken hair growth, they do help in preventing hair loss and let you maintain stronger hair.

Therefore, switching to the best paraben free shampoo or other natural hair care products does not help you 100% anymore. Having a proper diet and specific vitamins intake is also necessary.

So, as per a proper study from the major researches, we have listed a few of them in our article below. If you need the “Mantra” for your healthy hair and wish to prevent hair loss, consume food enriched with the goodness of these Vitamins. Let’s check it out!!

Subsume the best Vitamins that help prevent Hair Loss

Don’t get freaked out when you see extra hairs clogging the drain. Because YOU aren’t the only one. According to a survey, the average women lose up to 50 hair strands every day or more of them. But the key point is to prevent that instead of being worried.

Incorporating Vitamins into your diet is as much necessary as washing your hair with the best sulphate free shampoo. Therefore, apart from the immediate fixes in hair, or always carrying ponytails, promoting hair growth also becomes a requirement. And the following vitamins in your diet allow you that.

1. Biotin or Vitamin B7

Cells in your body need the basic Vitamin B7 or Biotin to prevent the loss of hair, brittle nails, and skin rashes. Vitamin B7 or also known as Vitamin H(not H for hair though) helps to boost your hair growth and health. Therefore, your diet must have Biotin in it.

Women who consume biotin in their diet, experience more hair growth and strength. So, overall, it becomes a necessary part of your balanced diet for better hair.

2. Vitamin D

No major or minor studies have shown that Vitamin D supplementation prevents hair loss. Still, having a deficiency of Vitamin D can put an adverse effect on your health. As per a review in the year 2019, they found that severe hair loss is a result of Vitamin D deficiency. This is because of the direct link of Vitamin D with Alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition.

So, your diet should have enough of it when you need better hair and prevent hair loss. The potential benefits of Vitamin D are also observed in the best paraben free shampoo you use nowadays. This helps in promoting hair growth, and your hair shines more. Hence, you must prevent hair damage with this relatably safer vitamin intake than turn to other supplements.

3. Vitamin A

Do you have frizzy hair with lackluster? Does your hair break at just one stroke from your soft hairbrush? In that case, you must have Vitamin A in your diet. A meal enriched with Vitamin A will help produce sebum on your scalp with lesser moisture.

Furthermore, Vitamin A-rich food also provides nourishment to your hair. The main food items that are the best sources of vitamins are Carrots, Tomatoes, Spinach, milk, eggs, sweet potato, mango, papaya, watermelon, etc.

4. Vitamin C

While each vitamin is rich in providing one thing or the other, there’s one you can never get enough of is Vitamin C. However, many of you may be unaware that shampoo with Vitamin C helps you keep a check on free radicals hampering your hair growth.

The antioxidants that conclude Vitamin C will keep away scalp problems and reduce hair loss. Lack of Vitamin C in your body can't create Collage, which in turn hinders hair growth. Hence, you must consume enough Vitamin C from sweet lime, fruits like orange, strawberries, amla, etc, or by using hair care products infused with the same.

5. Vitamin E

Last, but not least, we suggest you work your best on including Vitamin E in your diet. Although it has the most similar areas of concern like Vitamin C, you should still include this to prevent hair loss.

Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants and thus helps you to reduce stress and improve hair growth.

Pledge on consuming Vitamin Rich Diet

Ladies… if you are here until now, it means you were also experiencing the locks of hair falling to the ground and spreading everywhere. But not anymore. With the above-discussed Vitamins being a Vital part of your diet, you can cherish your hair the best way to prevent hair loss. Also, use the best paraben free shampoo on your hair to make them even stronger. You do the care, and Vitamins will do the nourishment for you.