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Which hair oil is the best for hair growth?

best hair oil for hair growth

the best hair oil for dry hair

Whether it’s slacking on the split-end trims, heat styling, or color changes, we all have a vice when it comes to keeping our hair in the best condition. Dry locks are not able to retain moisture in them, hence, become dry and looking dull and lifeless. It also becomes frizzy and is more prone to hair issues such as; hair fall, premature greying, and dandruff. 

But since every problem has a way out and dry hair is no different. The solution to this annoying condition is an age-old technique - the oiling of tresses. Oiling will make you feel relaxed and also has the power to solve a myriad of hair issues. They also provide nourishment to hairs and make them look shiny, strong, and also induce hair growth. 

Confused about which is the best hair oil for hair growth that suits your dry hair? Fret not and keep scrolling below to know more. Here’s the comprehensive guide that will walk you through best oils made of natural ingredients that will do magic on your dry and dull tresses. 

1.Coconut Oil 

This ingredient is a holy grail for the scalp and has the power to repair damage and solve various hair issues. Coconut oil is the best hair oil for hair growth and prevents hair from falling. It has moisture-retaining properties that do not evaporate and stay inside the hair and shows its magic. 

Coconut oil also conditions the hair as it contains fatty acids which leave the hair soft, shiny, and silky. Thus, if you have a dry scalp and hair, you should switch to coconut oil for improving your hair health. 

2.Castor Oil 

Castor oil is being extracted from castor beans and is a great element that supports the growth of new hairs. This hair oil is filled with nutrients such as Vitamin E, proteins, minerals, and a few others. 

They also contain certain antioxidants which provide nourishment and keratin support to the hairs, making your tresses beautiful shiny, strong, smooth, and healthy. 

Buying cold-pressed or 100% pure virgin castor oil, offers great benefits such as; fighting dandruff, stopping hair fall, and also helping in getting rid of scalp infections if any. It has certain anti-fungal properties which moisturise & condition the hair and prevent split ends.    

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3. Argan Oil 

Argan oil or Moroccan oil is a nutrient-rich hair oil extracted from the nuts found on the argan tree present in abundance in Morocco. This hair oil is considered the best hair oil for hair growth as it has beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin E, fatty acids, ferulic acid, and certain antioxidants. 

They have the power to repair damaged hair cells and protect the hairs from harmful UV rays. Apart from this, they act as a great source of nourishment to the hairs, moisturize them, and also reduce frizziness & dryness. As it has so much to do, this hair oil is also known as liquid gold. 

4. Olive Oil

Apart from benefiting the body when used for cooking purposes, this natural oil is also very beneficial for hair. It acts as a heat protectant by adding a coat of shaft on the hair. This hair oil also has the power to conceal & condition the hair, by repairing the damages and giving you sleek, shiny, silky, and beautiful hairs. 

Using olive oil once a week on dry hair will improve your hair health, nourish your locks, and prevent them from breaking or any other hair issue. 

5. Jojoba Oil

The word jojoba is pronounced as 'ho-ho-ba' and its oil is extracted from the jojoba plant. It is a wonderful element as it has certain chemical substances which are similar to the natural oils secreted by the sebum bed.                                                                                                                                                          Jojoba oil is the best hair oil for hair growth that hydrates the scalp from deep inside and moisturizes the hair follicles. This oil also has the power to control dandruff, get rid of various dry scalp problems, and also make the hair soft and add shine to them. 

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That was all about the best hair oils that you could use if you have dry hairs and scalp. All the hair oils mentioned above are extracted from natural sources such as; coconut, olives, jojoba plant, nuts of the argan tree, and castor beans. 

Since all these hair oils are made of genuine ingredients, they are filled with lots of nutritional elements which benefit the hairs while keeping them safe from any scalp issues and other hair-related problems. Wait no more and choose any of the above-mentioned best hair oil for hair growth to banish frizz, repair damage, and enhance shine.