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What causes dryness and hair breakage?

What causes dryness and hair breakage? - Origine Naturespired

Hair breakage is a pretty common phenomenon we all face at some point in our lives. But have you thought about what actually makes them dry and brittle? Our tresses are exposed to lots of pollutants every day, which sucks out all the protein and natural oils from them and makes them dull and lifeless. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to combat this unfortunate situation even before it arrives.

If your hairs are showing signs of damage, you should not ignore the warning call and switch to the best sulphate free shampoo immediately. You can also take certain viable steps to bring them back into a healthy condition. Here is what to do if you’re suddenly shedding teeny-tiny pieces all over your house.

What causes hair breakage?

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There can be a myriad of reasons why our hair falls or break. Some of those legitimate reasons are mentioned below:-

1. Dryness

Dry and brittle hair is the major cause of hair damage. Using harsh products or shampoos made from chemicals make your locks lifeless and somber. Thus, to save your tresses from further damage and to repair what's already been destructed, you should say goodbye to the chemical-laden products by switching to the best paraben free shampoo infused with natural ingredients.

2. Too hard brushing of hair

If you are too hard on your strands while brushing them, then they can become brittle and more prone to hair fall. It can also pull out your hair from the roots and hence, impacting their growth badly. Therefore, it is recommended to brush your hair gently in a way that you can step out while flaunting your long, healthy tresses.

3. Using too many styling tools that produce heat

When hair gets exposed to extreme temperatures, the scalp may get damaged and hair may break apart. Let your hair breathe by avoiding heat styling tools, and investing in heat protectant sprays, hair sunscreen, and the best sulphate free shampoo and protect your hair from damage.

4. Putting harsh chemicals on your hair

Chemical treatments such as colouring, spas, perming, and others can damage your hairs to the core, causing them to break. Treating your hair chemically is nothing but exposing them to harmful substances, ingredients, and heat which can lead to further damage.

5. Don't let them dry naturally

To avoid long-term damage to your hair, you should let them dry naturally at room temperature instead of using a hairdryer for the same. Also, avoid rubbing your hairs brutally with the towel as it can damage & weaken their roots.

6. Tying your hair too tightly

If you keep your hair tied too tightly, it can get tangled and broken easily. Therefore, you should either keep your tresses open or tie them loosely, so that the shafts of your hair are not pulled brutally by your rubber band.

How to prevent hair breakage?

Do you want to keep hair breakage at bay? Keep scrolling below to know certain ways for the same.

1. Keep your tresses moisturized

Hair should be properly moisturized at all times. You can massage your tresses with the best hair oil for hair growth to keep them nourished while providing them with the essential nutrients & vitamins. You should also pamper your hair and prevent them from breaking and getting dry.

2. Heal your split ends

Use a split end sealer or a nourishing hair conditioner that helps you to keep your hair smooth and seal the split-ends. These products keep your hairs nourished from inside out while detangling them easily.

3. Do not use too much heat

Avoid using flat ironing, curlers, or blow dryers on your hair regularly as they apply a lot of high-power heat to your tresses. The heat emitted from these appliances damages the protein present in the hair. However, if you have to use them at times, don't forget to use a heat protectant spray for the same.

4. Use chemical-free shampoo

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Always use the best paraben free shampoo made of natural ingredients for dry hair. These are free from any sulfates or other harmful chemicals and will neither damage your tresses nor leave extra buildup on your strands.

Summing Up!!

That's all about the causes due to which hair becomes dry and prone to damage. Bookmark the page and start following the above-mentioned steps of protecting your hair from damage. Also, do not forget to add natural and the best sulphate free shampoo to your hair care regime for good hair health and better results.