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The Skincare Routine for Night With Nature!

The Skincare Routine for Night With Nature! - Origine Naturespired

It is true that our body heals and revives the best at night. After a long day of working hours, the night calls for a routine that makes the body relaxed. And to let the body heal  and relax itself this winter season, let there be the proper amount of care. 

Do you think it is time to reshape your night-time skincare routine? With many new and improved products launching in the market every now and then, all your skin needs is breathing space. 

When it comes to looking out for your nighttime skincare routine, you don't have to apply layers of products. By doing that you will suffocate your skin tissues and in place of letting your glow come out on your face, it will be hidden somewhere deep because of all the layers of products on your face. 

As there are many types of skin irritations, some we can share, some we can't discuss openly. In between period cramps to the tired body, in one way or the other, we try not to follow the nighttime skincare routine, because we lack caring for our body skin.


If you are wondering what products would be a great pick for your nighttime skincare routine? To fight all the odds your body faces all day long, it is better to give the final nourishment of the day to your skin powered by natural products.


So, without waiting for a minute longer, let's have a deep understanding of the following steps that are mentioned to be taken care of while having your nighttime skincare routine.


Night-time Skincare Routine:

 Keep your skincare routine tight for the night


Face Wash For Removing Dust


Your face fights with dirt, pollutants, and harmful sun rays all day long. And with the makeup still on your face from the day, it is better to wash it all off before you hit the sheets. To keep your face safe and nourished, opting for a deep cleansing face wash would do wonders.


As it is your responsibility to protect your face from further damage, wash your face with a face wash that goes deep to clean the pores. It is true that washing your face in winter at night is not easy, but you also can't skip the essential step from the night skincare routine.


The best win-win idea for this situation is to use a face wash that is made with the goodness of nature along with lukewarm water. And as the deep cleansing face wash holds the ingredients to refresh and nourish your skin, making the facial tissues relax as it moisturizes deeply.


Milk-based Cleanser:


Next in the line for your night skincare regimen is a milk-based cleanser. Now you must be thinking about how a cleanser is different from a face wash. Well, a face wash helps in cleaning the impurities from deep inside the pores. Whereas, a cleanser is made to purify, hydrate, and soothe your skin. The milk contains skin-soothing properties that would help minimise your skin burn due to irritation or redness.


Any face cleanser for your night skincare regime would work if it is made with rich ingredients such a Multani Mitti, milk, and saffron. At the time of cleansing, try not to forget about massaging your face, as it will help the cleanser go deeper in the layers and hydrate it from inside.




In the previous blog about dry skin you have read, it is mentioned not to follow the exfoliation step twice a week. However, it is still advised to use a face scrub once a week to cure blackheads and remove dead skin.


Now when it comes to knowing what product would be a great fit for helping your facial skin feel refreshed in the morning after the exfoliation process at night. Try  Face scrub to remove dead skin in order to lessen blackheads with every wash from a face scrub.


While following the exfoliation step, make sure what skin issue you are willing to cure. And also, it is better not to exfoliate when you are facing acne or pimple issues, it could make things worse.


Moisturize your face:


Moisturizing your face after washing it is a must. However, when it comes to giving some final essence of nourished skin before going under the sheet, do not forget to moisturize your facial skin.


Now if it is about moisturizing, you can do it by using a serum or a night cream. Where the best face serum for glowing skin would be the one that is blended and inspired by nature. On the other hand, a night cream will give your facial skin the same amount of nourishment.


However, a night cream that would make your dry skin relaxed and supple. A face serum would go deep inside your facial layers and will not just nourish your skin, but also treat the scars and dark spots that will retain your natural glow.


Do not forget Lips:


Last in the facial department is the lips. The lips are the most sensitive part and they respond immediately to any weather or physical changes. The change in weather is indicated by the lips as they start getting chapped and the lip lines start burning.


This could lead your lips to further damage, and the constant lip-biting would not heal them. It is never too hard to apply a lip balm on your lips anytime a day, but the maximum amount of nourishment your lips get is at night.


Make sure you count on a naturally curated lip balm that is neither sticky nor does lead your lips to further dryness but offers them some great smiles.


Protect Hands and Feet:


The very last step in your nighttime skincare routine is to keep your hands, palms, legs, and feet moisturized. Not even leave the toes unnourished.


The dry hands and peeling off skinned palms need to be treated with care. When it comes to care naturally, opt for Naturespired's body lotion for dry skin. A great healer for your dry skin that pleads for nourishment every now and then.


And, if this is the same condition with your legs and feet too, give them the same slides of nourishment. This will result in smoother skin that is nourished and no longer dry.