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The Pros and Cons of Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin Hair Treatment

One can never underestimate the power good hair entails. Good hair makes you feel like you can be the one defining rules. Fine hair ideology depicts them to be smoother, silkier, and shinier.  That’s what Keratin treatment does for your frizzy hair by the way.

Yes, here in our article below, we will discuss the pros and cons “The Keratin Treatment” has for your hair. But before jumping into the list, let’s first know what Keratin treatment is!

Keratin is a fibrous protein that makes nails and hair. For damaged hair, it works wonders. Using the best paraben free shampoo is often recommended to wash your locks once the treatment is done. Your hair remains unwavering for at least six months after undergoing the same.

While some chemicals may perhaps make your hair anti-smooth, they can produce negative impacts on your tresses.

Everything in this wide world has its pros and cons, and so does Keratin hair treatment. Let’s find out what these are, bit by bit, and explore every nook and cranny of this process.

What is Keratin Hair Treatment?

A keratin treatment will give you a silky, nourished, smooth, and shining hair texture no matter what hair type you are. The process involves applying products to the hair, blow-drying it, and sealing it with a flat iron.

The solution may be semi-permanent, but the hair smoothness it offers is something you can never get enough of. Hire a professional to carry out the process, and witness your hair moving on the path to perfection.

Keratin Hair Treatment- Advantages and Disadvantages

Your longing for straight hair is fulfilled by Keratin treatment, but this solution is not without consequences. It thereby becomes necessary for you to know thy treatment better. Make sure your hairstylist uses the best sulphate free shampoo for the treatment to be better meanwhile taking preventive measures for side effects.

#1 Pro: Restoration of Natural Protein

Keratin treatment is a simple and sleek process of providing protein in your locks. It works like magic for dry or damaged strands and split ends. Worn-out hair receives natural protein, and you can see visible luster and smooth texture. People use this formula to restore your hair, giving them a strong and silky touch.

Con: Costs you a fortune

Don’t get too excited if you are not from the riches. Though keratin treatment treats your hair for a better look, you have to pay a heavy price for it. On average, one-time treatment and your hair wash with the best paraben free shampoo cost around 250 USD to 450 USD. Hair salons usually determine the price per your hair length as it describes the amount of keratin the hairstylist may need to apply. The price will be there and a lot, that’s a fact.

#2 Pro Hair regains strength

Keratin hair treatment gives your locks the much-needed strength. Your hair become stronger, and your scalp gets enough nourishment. Once you have this treatment, it lasts for six months, and you can feel the change in you. But we suggest not to forbid using the hair oil with Almond & Hibiscus along the way. It will add extra power to your already strengthen hair. For the rest, Keratin hair treatment will do.

Con: Exposure to Formaldehyde

Many keratin hair treatments have formaldehyde which is dangerous. Though it is a prime factor in straightening your hair, it imposes risks on our health. You may get allergic reactions, respiratory problems, etc., because of inhaling this chemical. So, it may be better if you switch to alternatives.

#3 Pro: Your Hair becomes Fuss-free

Keratin treatment requires you to wait for the first three days before hair wash. After that, washing with a shampoo with Rosemary and soya protein will bring a glossy texture to your hair. This ensures that protein settles in completely and results in fuss-free gorgeous hair. There is no need to worry about frizz, and the weather won’t affect your luscious mane as Keratin will be a barrier.

Con: High-maintenance

Keratin treatment requires extra care for your hair, especially within the first three days. You need to wash your hair less and avoid swimming to prevent chlorinated or salty water from entering your locks. If you do not maintain your hair properly after the treatment, your happy hair will be short-living.

#4 Pro: Smooth and Shiny Hair

When we were kids, our moms used to put the best hair oil for hair growth on our hair locks. Well, not anymore, because the new era demands more.

Keratin treatment is the option for this generation’s hair, and they promise you smooth, shiny, and silky texture at a reasonable price. The soft cells of Keratin overlap with your hair strands, making them less frizzy and have a glossy texture. In short, you can get rid of the major issue every other woman in the world fears.

Con: The application process is Intense

Keratin treatment requires a careful application which means only experts can do it better. Also, the process comprises the use of formaldehyde, a potent chemical. Hairstylists use a high-temperature flat iron to smooth the hair, which can damage follicles and drastically enhance the chances of breakage. It is an intense process of application that may hurt both your body and hair.

Keratin treatment does entail certain pros and cons. But with careful application procedures and preventive measures, cons get outwitted by the Pros. Use the best sulphate free shampoo to protect your locks from further damage.