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The Complete Guide For Face Serum

The Complete Guide For Face Serum - Origine Naturespired

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If nothing else in the list of face products, you all are familiar with products that are used to apply on faces such as - face wash, face mask sheets, moisturizer, and sunscreen.


However, one of the most important and taken-for-granted products that nourish and provide nutrition to the facial skin is serum.


How often have you heard of the product "serum", being an important, healthy product for skin that is included in every girls' skin regimen and her skincare products?


Well, how would you know about others, but you do know about yourself. So, here is the question to you: do you use a face serum daily?


If not, no issue. After reading this article you might start using it. Let’s start to know;


What is a Face Serum?


A lightweight product that contains a concentration of active ingredients. Absorbing into the skin quickly, a serum is the best second step after cleansing your face.


The level of active ingredients is higher in serum than the usual face cream. With different serums providing different qualities, some are best suited for brightening your skin or reducing blemishes, while others will be helpful in reducing the signs of aging.  


Benefits of Face Serum


When it comes to glowing and nourishing your skin, a serum is your best friend. Acne, hyperpigmentation, extreme dryness, or fine lines, a serum is the best fit to use without harming your face skin.


Having ingredients such as Vitamin C, a serum could really be a great morning skincare routine as the antioxidant can help protect your face against free radical damage throughout the day.


Before wandering to the results, let's first see what the benefits of a face serum are:


  • A face serum will help to improve your skin texture because of the ingredient Vitamin-C presented in it. Making your skin become firmer and smoother, leading to visibly younger skin.
  • With the regular use of a face serum, there will be some positive changes on your face as it helps in lessening spots, scars, pimples, acne, and other such marks.
  • This will also result in a reduction in the size of open pores, which leads to fewer blackheads.
  • The regular use of serum under the eyes will be seen by the changes of reduced dryness, dark circles, and wrinkles on your face.
  • A face serum also helps in lessening redness and dryness, leaving your facial skin fresh and moisturized.


Different face Serums for different type of skin!


The first thing you need to know before buying a serum is what type of problem you are experiencing on your face skin. For pimple problems, you won't pick an anti-aging serum, and similarly, there are many such types of serums for any or every skin condition out in the market.


You might be surprised to know the number of options available for facial serum, all of them promise to give wonderful, and beautiful skin.


However, out of all the options, which one do you think is the best suited for your skin? Before choosing a serum make sure to keep two things in consideration


  • The first is to take notice of what skin problem you want to be treated.
  • Secondly, consider your skin type whether it is oily or dry.


Ingredients that are commonly used in Face Serums:


Hyaluronic acids: A great way to treat dehydrated skin, without the heaviness of creams or moisturizers.


Antioxidants: These are essential to protect the skin from a damaged environment. Mixed with Green Tea, Grape, and Pomegranate seeds extracts are some other active ingredients.


Plant-based active ingredients: Deals with the spots and scars, as well as the patch skin.


Anti-inflammatory: For sensitive skins, serums with anti-inflammatory properties prevent redness and inflammations.


Face Serum by Origine Naturespired!


Now that you know how to identify what is the best-suited serum for your facial skin, yet there is something you need to know.


At times, what is mentioned on the front package about a serum is not enough. To know what is the best fit for your skin, you should always look at the "ingredients" that are notified on the package so that you can get a clear picture before buying any serum.  


However, here's a thing like many of the other beauty products, nowadays, serums are also based on chemicals, man-made compounds, and other impure elements that are harmful to the face.


So, when it comes to picking a great fit, best suited facial serum you should definitely pick the serum range offered by Origine's Naturespired whether it is a serum to reduce dark spots and wrinkles, or for rejuvenating tanned skin, or even for anti-aging.


Choosing a product that is inspired by nature and has been made with the richness, goodness of nature, to give your facial skin the natural glow that it deserves and to reflect your inner beauty to your face, serums offered by Naturespired will surely help you to "be youthful with nature".


Ingredients that are used in Serums by Naturespired:


best natural face serum


Ubtan: Effective in removing face tan, retains skin's natural color, reduces blemishes, even skin tone, and provides freshness and glow.


Turmeric: Soothes, detoxifies, and all at once, has high anti-inflammatory properties, fights skin ailments, and is a magical ingredient for healing.


Retinol: Fights acne, reduces wrinkle and dark spots, helps brighten dull skin, decreases the production of oil, and clears skin properly giving you a flawless glow.


Vitamin C: Refreshes your skin inside out, helps in keeping your beauty intact, aids in fighting free radicals, reduces dark spots and slows down the production of wrinkles and premature aging.


Aloe Vera: Gives a cooling sensation, relieves from any irritation, bids adieu to rough and dry patches, proven acne scar remedy.


When and How to apply a Face Serum?


Clearly, no one wishes to do experiments that are harmful to the body, yet you all just decide to use products in a way that is easier for you.


If, talk about when to apply a face serum, well, for that, you can apply a face serum twice, during the day and at night.


During the day, as many of the make-up products cover our face, it is essential to use a serum to nourish your facial skin.


For the night, try not to layer too much and let your skin breathe. As most of the night creams are quite concentrated, try not to use a serum and then a face cream. Any one of them would work.


Moving forward to the part of how to apply a face serum, well the most important thing is, keep your face clean.  


After washing your face, pat it dry. Then using the dropper, put a few drops on the face and neck. Gently massage it in an upward circular motion until absorbed completely.


And there is your skin, all nourished and ready to glow.


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