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Perks of using Vitamin C for skin

Perks of using Vitamin C for skin - Origine Naturespired

Serums are all the craze in the skincare world. If you swear by a skincare regimen, you have probably heard of the vitamin C serum. The product has gained a lot of popularity in recent years owing to its numerous benefits and suits almost all skin types.


While one can easily get vitamin C from the food we eat, we cannot be sure that our skin is getting it too. Hence, the use of serums is recommended. Some of the reasons why vitamin C serum for the face is extremely useful are:


  1. Protection from sun damage- Vitamin C serums are full of antioxidants that protect the skin against damaging UV light. However, using a vitamin C serum does not replace sunscreen. Using SPF is still necessary to guard your skin from the sun's rays.
  2. Lightens dark spots and scars- The regular use of vitamin C can be useful in lightening dark spots, scars, and any pigmentation of the skin. Several studies have shown that vitamin C starts to show its magic after 3 months of regular use.
  3. Promotes anti-aging- Vitamin C is a potent ingredient in reversing aging. Studies have proven that the topical application of vitamin C paired with a healthy diet can fade away wrinkles. Eating food rich in vitamin C, like citrus fruits, spinach, and broccoli, can be of great help in fighting age.
  4. Boosts collagen production- Collagen is the protein present in the skin that keeps it taut and prevents it from sagging. As we grow older, the skin's collagen production slows down. This is where vitamin C can help encourage the skin to boost its collagen production while also maintaining the current production.


Now that we know why we should make vitamin C a part of our routine, let's see how we can do it:

  • Before you begin with the full application, a patch test is recommended. Take a small area of skin, preferably the forearm. Apply the product in a small area and wait for 24 hours to see if any rash, hives, or redness appears. Seek a dermatologist if severe issues persist. Someone with hypersensitive skin may experience irritation.
  • Once you're sure that it's safe to use the products and it won't cause an allergic reaction, you can start by applying once or even twice a day.
  • The serum is applied after cleanser and toner, followed by a moisturizer and a broad spectrum sunscreen when you're heading out.
  • If you're someone with an elaborate skincare routine comprising several serums, it is possible to go wrong while mixing these products. For example, pairing a vitamin C serum with a niacinamide serum may decrease the effectiveness of the former. Hence, you should always research before pairing different serums.


It is important to choose a potent product when you're switching up your skincare routine. Origine Naturespired's Face Serum with Vitamin C and Turmeric is extremely helpful in reducing wrinkles and lightening dark spots. The product brings additional value to the skin and soothes it at the same time. Getting healthy skin is a process and while the topical use of great products can be helpful, maintaining a healthy diet is also essential so that you glow from the inside out.