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Is saffron good for the face?

Is saffron good for the face? - Origine Naturespired

Saffron is considered to be the most expensive ingredient or spice found around the world. It originated from crocus sativus, a kind of rare flower available at only a few places in the world. The ingredient has a very strong and exotic fragrance that benefits skin, hair, stomach, cold & cough, uterine bladder, heart, insomnia, and more.

Saffron is also a rich source of magnesium that improves immunity and also adds a glow to the skin. Drinking a glass of warm milk infused with this magical ingredient before sleep keeps the skin wholesome-looking.

Another best way to incorporate this magical ingredient into your skincare regime is to use the best facewash for pimples containing saffron. Curious to know more about what magic does this shows on the skin, keep scrolling below and walk through a list of reasons that make saffron a worthy choice.

A Comprehensive Guide To The Benefits of Saffron

This time-honored ingredient is a plant-based compound that when added to your regime, not only flourishes your face but also helps you reap several health benefits. Some of its advantages that you should be aware of are mentioned here.

1. Fights acne

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Saffron has amazing anti-bacterial properties which effectively treat breakouts and acne. The medicinal properties contained in it clear the blemishes and acne-prone skin. You can either use the best facewash for pimples infused with saffron or make a DIY mask to make the most out of it.

Take 10-12 strands of saffron and 5-6 basil leaves and make a fine paste with it to apply on the face and rinse it after 10 minutes to see the visible results.

2. Reduces skin blemishes and pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition, in which the skin starts to create more melanin under the surface due to hormonal changes and sun exposure. Saffron has some active compounds that reduce melanin production in the body. 

It can also reduce and lighten up the dark spots and blemishes on the skin. This ingredient comes with high amounts of vitamins present in it that provide gentle care and love to your skin.

3. Heals scars

Saffron is known to have healing power, which can help you get rid of the scars and marks from your previous injuries. It also has certain skin-recovery promoting agents that encourage the skin to get healed at a faster pace.

For treating the scars, you can simply soak some strands of saffron in water and make a paste out of it, and then add a few drops of coconut oil and apply it to the marks for fading them away. Also, you can use the best facewash for oily skin infused with saffron to alleviate scars.

4. Gives a glowing skin

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Harsh weather, pollution, and certain other factors can make the skin look dull & lifeless. Saffron hydrates the skin from the deep within, allows it to breathe, and while making it look radiant.

Add the best facewash for oily skin containing saffron to your daily care routine as it acts as the best cleanser that cleanses your skin while bringing back the lost radiance. In addition, you also use a concoction of Kesar and raw milk on your face for a natural glow.

5. Improves complexion

Saffron boasts skin-lightening properties and thus regular use of saffron will effectively lighten your complexion naturally. You can use this ingredient in two effective ways - you can either soak a few strands of it in your hot bathing tub for about 20 minutes and use it for bathing or dip the Kesar strands in milk for 2 hours and apply the soaked milk on face & neck with cotton balls.

6. Removes tanning and protecting from harmful UV rays

When the skin gets exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun, it gets into a darker shade. Exposure to harmful UV rays can also accelerate the process of wrinkles, fine lines, and pre-mature aging on the skin while making it look dull and lifeless.

That’s where saffron comes to the rescue. If you add saffron to your skincare routine, it will soothe your burnt skin while also brightening up your complexion, and helping you get rid of tanning.

Over to You!!

That was all about a few benefits the saffron has to offer. Human skin needs to be tenderly taken care of; thus, we should always use facial products made up of natural ingredients. You should add the best facewash for pimples containing saffron in your daily skincare regime to give your facial skin a clear, pimple-free, and dewy glow.