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How to Reduce Hairfall

How to Reduce Hairfall - Origine Naturespired

If you are seeing strands of hair falling off in a bunch, you are not alone. Every second person these days is stressed about losing their hair. On average, a person loses around 100 hair strands in a day. It is not something to stress about as new strands replace their place and the process continues. But when you start losing more hair than that, that is when you know it is serious. Hair loss is one disorder that affects the majority of the population. Let's look at why this could be happening:

  • Stress
  • Damaging hairstyles
  • Hormonal changes and imbalance
  • Genetics
  • Use of toxic products
  • Damaging hair treatments
  • Medical conditions like alopecia
  • Medical treatments like chemotherapy
  • Fungal infections

Hair fall alters your appearance and can affect your confidence, causing a lot of stress. If you, too, are going through this issue, read on to find out how you can curb it:

Balanced diet: The most logical step to curb hair fall is to switch to a better diet. A proper intake of proteins is necessary for maintaining steady hair growth. Lack of it can trigger hair loss. Therefore, it is advised to eat foods filled with proteins. Meat, eggs, soya, tofu, and pulses can be rich sources of proteins. Depending on whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, you can tweak your diet to get the required nutritional values. Loss of hair can also be caused when the body is deficient in vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and minerals such as zinc and iron. While a healthy diet may be able to solve these issues for you, you can also consult your doctor and add supplements to your life. It is important to take note of whether the food you eat is not restrictive and fulfills your body's nutritional needs.

Healthy hair and scalp: The second smart thing to do to help your hair is to not stress it out more. Tight hairstyles like ponytails and buns often put a lot of tension on the strands. Switch to protective hairstyles. In addition, it is also necessary to keep the scalp clean and healthy. Using a good shampoo like Origine Naturespired's Onion & Rose Shampoo could nourish the scalp with the nutrients it needs and keep the scalp clean of dirt and excess build-up of natural oils.

Over-the-counter remedies: Reversing hair loss requires expert attention. For decades, people have sworn by oil massages to keep their hair healthy and beautiful. You could try a hair oil like Origine Naturespired's Bhringraj Hair Oil that could solve your hair fall problems easily. Bhringraj is an age-old ingredient that helps with the regrowth of luscious hair.


Hairfall is truly a scary thing to witness but while sometimes one can simply not help it, most times it can be reversed with some changes to the lifestyle. Choosing hair care products that are free from toxins and nourish your hair instead of stripping them of nutrients can also play a key role in protecting your crown against hair loss. But throughout the process, make it a point to be patient with your hair and yourself, and you will see results in no time!