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The festival of colours is not so far away now!! The markets and the online stores are brightened up with the sale of Holi colours. And, this festival is popular on a worldwide level. The Holi festival is one significant occasion celebrated in India like an unforgettable bash. The bright colours, happy smiles, loads of music, and Indian delicacies win the hearts of people. 

But, as the days are passing by, the holi colours are transforming into harmful-chemical formulated colours. During this season of Holi, skin diseases, skin infections, and skin damage become quite common. If you’re afraid to celebrate Holi because of the harmful colours, then worry not. You can easily prep your own natural Holi colours at home

In ancient times, people used natural ingredients to create beauty-nourishing Holi colours at home. Therefore, with absolute deep research, we have got some fabulous recipes. You can effortlessly try it at home and create your own vibrancy of natural Holi colours. 

Feeling curious? So, check out the details listed below: 

Best Recipes To Create Natural Holi Colours At Home 

Get ready to create skincare-worthy holi colours at home!! Swipe away every artificial ingredient and make natural Holi colours at home by following the recipes mentioned below: 

Natural Yellow With Turmeric 

Yellow is the easiest colour that you can get from turmeric powder. Dried turmeric powder is something that you can get from your kitchen easily. We all know turmeric is highly good for beauty purposes. Therefore, add up turmeric powder in the list of natural holi colours. 

Natural Magenta With Beetroot 

Beetroot is one of the richly-pigmented natural ingredients. No doubt this vegetable is healthy, similarly it is safe for skin. You can dry up beetroot slices at home. Grind up the dried beetroot slices properly. Finally, you’ll get a magenta colored fine polished powder. Yes, finely grounded beetroot powder can work as eco-friendly holi colours

Natural Green With Henna & Green Leaves 

Natural henna powder can work as the perfect dried green colour for holi. Similarly, you can extract green pigment from the leaves of the herbs. Mix the natural green pigment in water and use it as natural watercolour for holi celebration. 

Natural Blue With Flowers

To make natural blue holi colour you can pick blue hibiscus or blue pea flowers. You can sun dry these blue flowers at home. After they dry properly, you can grind them into fine powder. And, you’ll get natural blue holi colour which is totally harmless for skin, and hair.

Pink With Roses 

Pink colour can be easily made at home. You can pick a variety of pink and red roses, sundry and grind properly. You’ll get fine pink colored powder which you can use for playing dry holi. Similarly, you can also extract out pink pigments of pink flowers pour them in water to create pink watercolour for holi. 

These were some basic tips that you can tryout to create safe and biodegradable holi colours. Similarly, you can use heaps of flower petals to celebrate eco-friendly safe holi. 

Things To Know About Post-Holi Beauty Care

If you are still afraid to play Holi then relax. You can use natural skincare goodies for post-Holi skin, hair, and face care routine. For that, we’ve listed some of the amazing details about some natural goodies that you can steal to protect and nourish skin from every damage. 

Origine Naturespired, It’s a biodegradable nature brand that offers natural, safe, and vegan products for beauty care. On this Holi you can try out some fantastic skin care, face care, and hair care goodies by Origine to nourish and protect your overall beauty easily. Take a look over some top-trending vegan beauty products that you can steal from Origine Naturespired. 

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Similarly, Face Scrub For Deep Cleansing and Face Wash For All Skin Types are the superbly-trending face products which are highly enriched with natural ingredients that helps to cleanse, purify, and hydrate the skin from depths. Makes your skin naturally silky soft, supple and free from skin problems. Furthermore, take a chance and try out all these amazing products to enhance and protect your beauty on this occasion of holi

Therefore, Origine products are crafted with pure natural ingredients, handpicked, and handmade with care. Using these natural beauty care goodies for post-holi beauty care routine can be an amazing idea. 

Last Thoughts

Ready to make this holi extra special? Forget all worries of skin and hair problems now. Thus, enjoy this holi like a carefree bird. And, don't forget to choose homemade eco-friendly colours for playing a safe and happy Holi.