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How to add protein to your hair?

How to add protein to your hair? - Origine Naturespired

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A shiny, bouncy hair is the dream of every girl out there but not all of them can bring their dream into reality. Our hair comprises chains of keratin and amino acids which add luster and shine to them.

There are several reasons why hairs lose their natural protein, including chemical treatments, heat styling, pollution, dirt, and a few other causes. If you are more into styling or get your tresses exposed to the outer environment, the original keratin present in the hair is used up, tired, and burnt out, leading to hair fall, dull hair, and more issues.

Curious to know more about why proteins are so important for hairs? Keep scrolling the page and the guide will take you through what wonders can protein do to your tresses while outlining different ways to add keratin to your hair. Add the best paraben free shampoo to your hair care routine to make your looks healthy and lustrous.

What does protein do for your hair?

The chain of amino acids gets combined to form proteins for hairs. They act as building blocks and are responsible for strengthening the hair and texturing their curls & coils. If by any chance the amino acids get compromised, the proteins in the hairs can be altered, leading to fragile and brittle strands.
It’s no surprise that getting your hair colored or treating them chemically can alter the bonds of hairs and can lead to hair breakage. This process can also elevate the hair PH and raise cuticles. It can thus, result in loss of moisture and proteins.

Hairs lacking proteins becomes sticky, stringy, and limpy. Therefore, it is advised to use leave-in hair conditioners and the best paraben free shampoo to add bounce, shine, moisture, and protein to your hair.

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What are some natural ways to add protein to hairs?

Below-mentioned is some practical and relatively easy ways through which you can give your hair strands the right amount of protein and nutrition they deserve.

DIY protein treatment

Protein keratin is very necessary for the hair, both inside and outside. We thus, have to treat our tresses properly and prevent them from breakage by giving them proper keratin treatment every six weeks.

Plenty of products is available in the market that helps you in maintaining your hair health while adding life to them. You can either use the best sulphate free shampoo infused with keratin or opt for protein-rich leave-in hair conditioners or serums to moisturize your hair. Adding the best hair care products strengthens the strands while providing them with ample nourishment.

Protein-rich hair massage

Giving proper massage to hairs and scalp increases blood circulation. It is a vital part of your hair care regime since it super-soothes your hair while adding essential nutrients & proteins to them. An appropriate hair massage also improves the quality of tresses and scalp while promoting blood flow.
Thus, you can give a boost of proteins to your head & hairs and make them shiny & lustrous by massaging them with the concoction of almond oil and chamomile essential oil. This method will be more effective if you heat the oil mixture and apply it before going to bed at night.

Try using an almond-milk hair rinse

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It’s known to everything that nuts are the powerhouse of proteins. They will not only benefit you when indigested but also when applied orally on the scalp and hair. Using almonds is a great way to pamper your hair and moisturize them.

Therefore, you should rinse your hair with a warm mixture of protein-enriched almond milk, sweet almond oil, lavender oil, and castor oil after washing your hair with the best paraben free shampoo.

The proteins, Vitamin E, fatty acids, and iron present in the almond milk strengthen the hair while adding enough hydration to them.

Summing Up!!

That’s all about why proteins are necessary for maintaining hair health and how you can infuse it into your scalp. While all the above-mentioned methods are tried and tested, you can also add red meat or some other plant-based derivatives to your diet that can provide sufficient proteins to your body.
In addition to the DIY treatments, do not forget to always use the best sulphate free shampoo for keeping your hair happy and healthy always.