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How Can I Protect My Hair Color in Summer?

How Can I Protect My Hair Color in Summer? - Origine Naturespired

While getting your hair colored to amp up your look is quite exciting, maintaining your colored locks is surely an intimidating task? Coloring your hair allows the harsh chemicals to penetrate your tresses, making them prone to damage, dryness, and breakage. 

But don’t lose your heart as you can keep your color-treated hair shiny and vibrant with proper aftercare and little creativity. Also, don’t forget to add the best sulphate free shampoo to your arsenal that helps fight the fade while keeping up the shine. 

Have you recently dyed your tresses and wondered how to maintain your strawberry blondes and peaches? Keep scrolling the page as here, we have listed a few hair care tips to protect your color-treated locks this summer.

1. Use a Color Protectant Shampoo

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Color-safe shampoos maintain the hair color and ensure the color does not fade quickly. Avoid harsh chemical-containing products and choose the best paraben free shampoo for your colored locks. 

These shampoos contain ingredients that maintain the natural pH of the scalp and hair, plus they contain hydrating agents that repair and restore the hair. Hence, before making a choice, it is extremely important to check the label and make sure you are choosing the chemical-free product.

2. Avoid High Temperatures

Excessive use of heat styling tools like blow dryers, hair curling irons, and hair straighteners can fade the color-treated hair while making them dull and lifeless. Heat opens up the cuticle, which disrupts the outer protective covering of hair, allowing the hair color to bleed out easily. 

Hence, it is advised to use a heat protectant hair spray or serum before using any heat treatment to style your hair. Moreover, try to opt for lukewarm showers as hot water can strip off the moisture and nutrients from your strands, thus making them look dry and frizzy. 

It further affects the appearance of your hair color and fades it out. Add the best sulphate free shampoo to your hair care regime and flaunt your colored locks for quite a long time.

3. Add Hair Mask to Your Hair Care Routine

Since Hair color treatment is not a natural procedure and contains certain chemicals, it damages your hair while altering the hair shaft, resulting in weak, dull, and dry locks. 

Hence, to add extra shine and nourishment, pamper your color-treated tresses with a hair mask at least once a week. You can either try a store-bought hair mask or you can even prepare a hair mask at home with natural ingredients, which are easily available at your kitchen shelf. 

Here are some DIY hair mask recipes that can save yourself a trip to the salon:

# Eggs+honey
# Avocado+almond oil
# Banana+milk
# Olive oil+honey
# Mayonnaise hair mask

These natural hair masks when used in conjunction with the best paraben free shampoo can prolong the life of your hair color and make your locks glossier than ever.

4. Do Not Skip the Hair Conditioner

We often tend to skip the conditioner after shampooing, thinking it’s not an important part of the hair care regime. But that’s not true especially when it comes to color-treated hair. Using conditioner is vital to keep your color-treated locks well hydrated and smooth. 

It is the perfect way to ensure that your hair color will hold much more vibrantly. A hair conditioner forms a protective barrier and prevents your hair color from fading away. It also helps in retaining moisture and prevents hair from becoming dry and dull, which is otherwise often an after-effect of dyeing your hair.

5. Wash Your Hair Less Frequently

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The number one cause of premature hair color fade is 'excessive washing'. The more you wash, the quicker you will see the dye leaving your hair. Hence, the best way to care for your color-treated hair is to wash them twice or thrice a week using the best paraben free shampoo. If you feel your hair is oily and you wish to wash it more often, then use a dry shampoo.

Let's Decide!

While some people use hair colors to enhance their overall looks, others use them to cover up greys. No matter what the reason is, coloring your hair will damage the hair. But, with proper care, these damages can be minimized or even repaired. 

Because we care for your colored locks, we have listed some of the best hair care tips with you to keep your hair color vibrant. Do remember to eat a healthy diet for your hair health and choose the best sulphate free shampoo to protect it from damage.