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Facial Protection from Pollution!

Let the Glow Flow, Steady and Slow.

Everyone in winter can feel the same fear of washing their face. The cold water splashes are way too cold to handle, and the hot water slightly burns the sensitive skin. So what else is there to use? A damp cotton pad to wipe your face?


The damp cotton pads are helpful in removing makeup, we can surely use them. However, unfortunately, the cotton pads only clean the facial impurities, they never help in nourishing the skin.


Although, if we can use damp cotton pads then why would we be following the skincare routine? Because, what other facial products can do, the damp cotton pads can't. They can help in removing the dirt from the face but can't help remove the excessive oil and the scars left on the face due to pollution.


Protecting Face:


Remember the time when we used to tie scarves or stoles to cover our faces, in either way saving it from sun or pollution. This idea was helpful as it didn't let us breathe the polluted air. But from one way or the other, the pollutants do find a path of attacking our facial skin.


Moreover, since the pandemic started now masks are doing the same. Covering mouth and nose, not the whole face. So, what could be helpful to protect our facial skin from this pollution and dirt? Well, till there comes any permanent solution. Let's keep following our facial skincare regimen.


The most tried, trusted, and most helpful guide when it comes to following a skincare regimen is the CTM routine. From cleaning the facial impurities to nourishing the skin is what we all need to fight the pollution that's damaging our skin.


If a question is raised in your mind, what is a CTM routine? Then without waiting for another second, let's know it.


The CTM Routine:

Many of you might be aware of the term CTM for a beauty regime. A CTM routine stands for Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing. We all are aware of this routine for skincare, many of us do follow a CTM routine, but aren't familiar with what we are doing to keep our facial skin intact is known as a CTM routine.


Knowingly or unknowingly, each one of us has been following the CTM routine for ages. This routine consists of three steps, first clean the impurities of the face, then regain the natural pH, and lastly moisturize your face.


When in the upper lines you have read the word "pollution" we can assure that you have taken a sigh of relief, knowing that you are following a CTM routine. Or even if you were unaware with the steps of your skincare regimen you were following are of a CTM routine, you still somehow knew how to fight the pollution attacking your face every time you step outside.


Pollution has become a reason for many skin impurities, such as dark spots, blackheads, whiteheads, and other issues. This happens because, when the dirt attacks your face it leaves the facial pores sticky due to oil. The dirt particles attach to the facial surface. This leads to clogged pores causing acne, blemishes, pimples, patches and merely, skin irritation.


For keeping the skin safe from the constant attack of dirt and pollutants, it is advised to follow a CTM routine. Not just to keep your face protected but also not to make the facial skin rough and impure.


There are thousands of products in the market available for your skincare regime, or for a CTM routine, but when it comes to fighting the impurities of nature, there is nothing better than using natural products.


The face care secret to share


Protection By Nature:

We all wish to have unblemished, glowing, and smooth skin, but somewhere nature's attack with dirt and pollutants causes impurities that need to be treated right. And to treat nature's impurities, always opt for nature's goodness.

Naturespired always extends helping hands to let you have the unblemished skin you deserve. Let's know-how:

  • Deep cleansing face wash: The very first step in a CTM routine is cleaning your face. However, when it comes to fighting the dirt and pollution that is laying as a layer on your face. In place for opting for any other face wash, try a deep cleansing face wash. As it will not just clean the upper-most layer of dirt but will go deep inside your face to remove the dark spots.
  • Deep cleansing face scrub: A deep cleansing face wash will clean the impurities and will help in removing the dark spots. However, when it comes to battle the blackheads that are caused due to facial impurities, it is suggested to use a natural deep cleansing face scrub for the 'T' region of your face. It covers the forehead, nose, and lips.
  • Face serum for glowing skin: After eliminating the impurities, the final step is to moisturize your skin. Moisturizing your facial skin is the most important step after applying any facial product. Face serum for glowing skin helps in nourishing your facial skin, which protects from dryness and further irritation.


Inspired by the goodness of nature, Naturespired always shares the protection to your facial skin with the care of natural products by using natural ingredients.