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Every Skin Type Nurturer: Soap and a Lotion

After Soap Slides, Bring in the Lotion

When it comes to nourishing your body, you prefer to choose a body lotion because obviously, soaps leave your skin high and dry.


However, what if we share with you the secret that you have always wished to hear?


It is true that, where some skin soaps help you in keeping your body safe from germs, some help in fighting with dirt, and probably some help to give your body the exact nourishment it requires after every bath.


It is easy to fall for those lines as you haven't found any soap yet that could answer your problems.


Well, in the world of options, there are many different types of soaps presented for one type or the other.


As the words keep falling, we will unbind the secret together.


How Soap Works?

Before moving any further, we believe that you are also one of those who feels that how the day is going to unfold depends on the morning showers. If you are not one of those, there is no issue or pressure to be one of them.


However, if you are one of them, then you surely know how luxurious the morning baths feel. And honestly, there is no need for expensive soaps to enjoy a rich and healthy bath routine, but surely the right soap, that is your skin's best friend and not an enemy.


For an instance, remember the bar soap that you use daily, or have been using since the time you have started applying it. Has it been the same since forever? Maybe it is, because you adore the fragrance of your soap, or maybe you have tried different types.


Do you think your soap surely gives the nourishment your body requires and deserves? Well, let's create a clear picture here. When you apply soap on your body it dissolves with the dirt layer that lays on your body, and when you rinse it with water, it is just the dirt and soap foams or bubbles that clear out but, it never nourishes your skin deeply.


This could happen because you might have been using the wrong soap type till now. There are some great body-friendly soap bars that nourish your body. If to state some in specific, the best moisturizing soap has ingredients like coconut milk, honey, sandalwood, saffron, and others.


If you weren't using any of these soap bars, no issues, but now, stop doubting your soap, as if you have been loyal to it and haven't jumped from soap bars to body washes.


How is Body Wash Different from Soap?


Rather than one being a liquid thing and the other a soppy bar, there are still some slightest differences between the two.


All the soap bars and body washes are prepared with some common ingredients and the mechanism to remove dirt from the skin. The body washes contain such mixtures that can help in curing some of the body conditions.


In comparison to a body wash, bar soap is more eco-friendly as it is consumed till the last foam.


However, some of the body washes usually contain ingredients that are meant to leave skin moisturized after cleansing.


Although, when it comes to moisturizing your skin after a great, luxurious bath, you know what the best-suited product is. 


Body Lotion The Savior


Body Lotion: The Savior


It is true that applying a body lotion in summer wouldn't be a great idea as it will leave your skin clumsy, but then what would be the other option to nourish your dry skin? Well, there are some light body lotions that are not hard on the skin and actually give your skin deep moisture.


Don't you feel bad or try to hide your hands when you suddenly look at your dull, wrinkled skin and then have to look at older people who have the same thing on their faces? The wrinkles make your skin look older than its actual age. But what is the solution to this? A body lotion!


There is no doubt in mentioning that a body lotion is the best fit in winters, and not just after a bath but it can be applied any time a day. However, it is true too, that applying a body lotion after having a bath would lead your body to softer skin that will keep the irritation of dry skin away the whole day.


Also, if you wish to have the same smooth skin at night too, it would be good to suggest applying a body lotion before sleeping. Our Body lotion with natural ingredients, our collection of body lotion for dry skin.


Nourishment by Naturespired!

Facing the same dry skin issue every winter and even after that not doing or buying any effective product for yourself that could be your skin's best friend, you are still jumping from one body lotion to the other.


However, now is the time to share with you the secret that will provide nourishment to your body. The best body lotion for dry skin is the body lotion that makes skin softer. Having great nourishing ingredients such as rosewater, sandalwood, honey, and some essential vitamin oils, the range of body lotions offered by us at Naturespired are inspired by nature, having the goodness of skin-friendly ingredients.


From best soap for dry skin to best body lotion for winters, Naturespired only showcases the products that are meant for skincare and created by keeping the essential ingredients in mind.


Ingredients used by Naturespired


For Soap


  • Coconut Milk: Helps in nourishing your skin.
  • Honey: Gives the desired glow.
  • Sandalwood: Helps in relaxing the uneasiness.
  • Saffron: High in antioxidants, it helps cure dry skin.


For Body Lotion


  • Honey: Acts as a great moisturizer, and helps in fading scars.
  • Vitamin C: It refreshes your skin inside out, helps with keeping your beauty intact.
  • Rosewater: Improves the complexion and reduces skin redness.
  • Olive: Packed with vitamins, it gives proper nourishment.

Don't wait a minute longer, your dry skin pleads for the nourishment it deserves.

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