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Dry Skin Irritates? Now No More!

Dry Skin Irritates? Now No More! - Origine Naturespired

No wonder the end of December is the coldest day of the year. However, it is the season of fall that starts making the skin dry. From either late October or early November, the arrival of the dry season is felt first by the lips as they start getting dry and the lip-lines burn due to irritation.


The irritation of lips can be cured with lip balms, but then afterward starts the days of chilly winds making it hard for the skin to be moisturized all day long. That dryness turns into irritation in no time when any sharp thing leaves scratches on your body skin.


Soon the dryness that was felt first by the lips, moves towards the dry face, damaged hair, and lastly they attack the body skin. The wrinkled hands, the itching arms, scratchy legs, and cracked heels, each thing makes you feel uncomfortable about the body.


Every person who has dry skin can understand the urge of applying cream to the dry body areas again and again. However, there are many creams that after applying become sticky, leaving palms, or hands sweaty. Then the sweaty hands wish for a wash, and after washing the hands, you are back at square one.


Then what should you do? An unanswered question, up until now. As, in the following words, you will be knowing the secret of keeping the dryness out of the body and letting the body skin feel bouncy and glowing.


Five Remedies To Keep The Dryness Away:


In the following lines, we will unfold the secret of skincare that will be your helpful guide to share with others having the same issue. Without wasting another second, let's know how you can keep your body hydrated and nourished in winter:


Lip care:


The very first body part that dries out first and warns about the change in the weather is the lips. The skin of our lips is thinner than the rest of the body, and that's why it is the most sensitive body part. It is important to be more careful about your lips as they are at a higher damaging risk from the harsh winter elements.


To keep your lips protected, it is crucial to apply lip balm after a face wash, and before going to bed. The ladies apply lipsticks on the lips as well, some chemically originated products also make the lips dry and chapped. To protect your lips from further damage, it is suggested to apply lip balm before applying any lipstick. This trick also makes the lip stay glossy and nourished for far more time.


From cocoa, Shea butter, to rose-tinted and beetroot, many such healthy and nourishing lip balms are made with natural ingredients and are harmless to apply. If you opt for any natural lip balm, you can use it any time of day you wish.


Face Wash Once A Day:


Nobody indeed wishes to wash their face twice or thrice a day in winter. However, if you have sensitive and dry skin, it is advised not to wash your face more than once a day, specifically in the winter season.


At the time of washing your dry and sensitive face, if you are using a face wash for any health benefit such as to combat acne, it is fine. Otherwise, it is better suggested to use cream, butter, or oil-based face wash. Using gel-based face wash will leave your facial skin dry.


To give your face the nourishment and hydration it deserves. Go for a face wash for dry skin having ingredients such as cucumber or mint. This will help you get refreshed skin.


Exfoliation Once A Week


Exfoliation Once A Week:


You exfoliate your face to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and impurities, right? But your dehydrated dry facial skin would want the exfoliation as the last thing you would do to keep your skin protected.


As the exfoliation process in a facial skincare regimen is used for removing blackheads, and dark spots. But rubbing hard on your dry face, especially the 'T' zone, that is your head, nose, and lips. This could leave behind some harsh marks on your face.


So it is better suggested you follow the exfoliation step of your face care regime once a week. Also, do not forget to pick natural ingredient based face scrub for dry skin. Face scrubs that have components such as cocoa, almond and honey, walnuts, and many other face scrubs that promise to nourish your facial skin.


Avoid Taking Long Hot Showers:


Morning showers leave your body fresh for the rest of the day creating an exuberant aura around you. However, taking hot showers for more than 10 minutes would harm your body’s skin, in place of nourishing or hydrating it.


It is so because of the hot water steam that comes to your body, the vapors further involve in making your body skin dehydrated. The dehydration further causes dry skin, which leads to irritation and/or burning sensations.


To keep your body hydrated, it is better if you pick any cream or oil-based soap. In place of using a shower gel, use soap for dry skin that has natural ingredients such as almonds, honey, coconut milk, and sandalwood.


Moisturize Multiple Time:


The last step in taking care of your dry skin is to moisturize it multiple times a day. The best and most effective time to moisturize your dry skin is after a refreshing shower and right before going to bed.


To keep the winter dryness of your body away, you better give the proper nourishment to your body to let it be hydrated completely with moisture. One of the best body lotion for dry skin.


There are many water-based local moisturizers in the market. But better to be safe with your dry body skin, always opt for moisturizers that are milk-based. Rich in nourishment, having natural ingredients, some of the best-suggested body moisturizers are rose milk, cocoa, and honey.


Your dry body craves nourishment in winter. And when it comes to having a hydrated body, there are many natural products other than water to your rescue.