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A Hair Care Routine To Make Your Hair Frizz-Free

How to Tame Frizzy Hair

Ain't hair gorgeous? The lustrous, silky smooth hair when they follow the lead of wind to wave and sometimes come on your face. With a stroke of your fingers, you help them get stuck behind the ears, but at any cost, you just don't wish to tie them.


Well, if we will be honest, the joy of feeling your hair on your face remains only for the day when you wash it. Would you like the same hair filled with dirt, sweat, and pollution to come on your face? You would get irritated and will surely keep your hair tied, in either a pony, a braid, or a bun.

It is true, and every person who's reading this would agree that hair on the day of washing feels a lot different till the next time you wish to wash your hair. The dust, pollutants, and sweat do not let your hair stay the way you wish it to be.


What Makes Hair Damaged?  

Other than the fight of hair with dust and pollution which leads to damaged hair, there are some other repercussions too, that are commonly faced such as hair split ends, hair fall, weak hair, dry and dull hair.


One can’t agree more with it, when you travel to your office or someplace else, your hair gets exposed to a number of external hair damaging factors. You have to take good care of them otherwise all you'll get is a bunch of frizzy hair.


And there is never any doubt in mentioning how a comb gets stuck in the frizzy hair. There is a whole different type of fight in combing hair to separate the same. The reason why hair gets frizzy is one, because of wind that couldn't travel through your hair, and second, because of the damage that has caused split ends.


Prevention from Hair Damage.  

From best hair oil for hair growth to the best shampoo for smooth hair, to finally the best hair conditioner for frizzy hair, there are various products to prevent your hair from hair damage, the only problem is to choose what's the best suit for your hair type.


Once you are familiar with what hair type you have, following a great hair care routine is what you need to do. However, in between the hectic life and running behind achieving targets, we somewhere neglect taking care of our hair. On the other hand, the hair, not even for an instance, forgets to turn all grey when we take tension about certain things, and neither do they forget to fall.


Now comes the question of what is the solution to this? Because the winter is here and washing hair twice a week isn't a cup of tea for everyone. So, what could be the best that could prevent hair from being damaged?


with every sliding step, the hair gets smoother


Steps to curb hair damage:  

Flicking your hair in the air without fearing the flaky scalp, dry, dull, oily, or any other condition that stops you from being the leading lady of your life. As there is no doubt in accepting that hair does let you feel confident.


Now, what steps can you follow to prevent hair from being damaged? There are three simple and the most important steps for your hair care routine.


Three-Step Nourishment by Naturespired  



It is irritating to see sweat leading hair becoming oily even when you haven't applied a single drop of oil. And that oily hair look, in any case, does not help in keeping the scalp dandruff free.


So what could be helpful in keeping the scalp dandruff free, and giving hair the exact amount of nourishment that they deserve? Using hair oil.


Now how come hair oil can help? Hair oil helps in providing the scalp the nourishment, hydration, and protection it pleads for. Oil doesn't allow the dirt and pollutants to settle down on either hair or scalp.  


Once you know what problem you wish to cure by using hair oil, try to pick hair oil such as hair oil for root retention, or hair oil for hair fall control. Also, do not forget to massage your hair and scalp at the time of applying.


Even if you apply hair oil before washing your hair or after, it will provide smoother, shinier, and frizz-free hair as a result.



The next step followed by hair oil in your hair care routine is shampoo. You should know what problem gets into your nerves and you do not wish to face that. Even after jumping from one shampoo to the other, you weren't able to cure that particular problem.


It is true that washing your hair in winter twice a week is a tough job, but what could you do to prevent your hair from dust and pollutants that lead your hair to look dull and damaged?  


The wide range of shampoos offered by different brands that are prepared with chemicals, to some extent they can help you in making your hair shine, but what about the other issues.


On the other hand, the shampoo range provided by Naturespired not just protects your skin from hair damage but shampoos for hair fall, smooth hair, colour protection, and many such products that are originated with the goodness of nature.



The last step in your hair care routine is applying a conditioner after every hair wash. Using conditioner on your thoroughly washed hair will make your hair silky, and also manage issues such as split ends, and frizzy hair, unleashing extra nourishment and protection.


A conditioner protects your hair and does not make you lose if you have colored hair or dyed hair. For every hair type, conditioner is a must to keep your hair naturally glossy, gorgeous, and shielded from dirt. We recommend our natural collection of best hair oil for hair growth


As conditioner leaves your hair softer and easier to handle, use a conditioner that is inspired by nature for your hair issues like weak hair roots & strands, reconstructing, and hair fall.