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A Guide To The Benefits of Rosewater on the skin

A Guide To The Benefits of Rosewater on the skin - Origine Naturespired

Not just in the time of Valentine, the sweet and humble flower of rose can show its magic all year-round. The petals of the rose are soaked and submerged in the water, and then that rose water or gulab jal acts as a royal ingredient that benefits the overall health.

It is a versatile and less processed ingredient that suits every skin type and does not have any side effects. You can use this component by directly applying it to the face with the help of a cotton ball or as the best facewash for oily skin infused with the goodness of rose.

Although this wonderful element has been prevailing since the time of Ayurveda, most people are still not aware of what magical wonders this ingredient can perform. Here, we’ve listed certain benefits of rose water that make this element worth adding to your skincare regime.

1. Soothes skin inflammation

Rosewater is a perfect ingredient to solve skin issues, such as psoriasis and eczema. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that solve other skin-related troubles like itching and irritation while providing relief from inflammation. 

This element is quite rich in various properties and provides a cooling effect to the face by reducing redness.

2. Reduce puffiness under the eyes

This ingredient is packed with a variety of healing properties. When applied under-eye area by using the cotton balls, it effectively removes puffiness while relaxing your eyes. Doing this on a regular basis and leaving the rose water for around 10 minutes will minimize the dark circles and show viable results within a few weeks.

3. Acts as an antibacterial and antiseptic

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Rosewater effectively fights against any type of infection as it has various active ingredients that keep the illness at bay. However, you should be careful of the fact that the rosewater you use is free from any type of irritants and additives. 

Using rosewater on the skin and in the eyes will protect them from dirt, dust, pollutants, and also reduce acne & breakouts. You can add the best facewash for pimples containing rose essence to your daily skincare regime to get acne-free skin.

4. Maintains the natural PH balance of the skin

Chemical-infused soaps and facial cleansers often disturb the PH balance of the skin while making it more prone to bacterial infections and rashes. That’s where the rosewater comes to the rescue. It is a natural form of cleanser with a PH balance of 5.5 that restores & repairs the skin and provides nourishment to the cores.

5. Hydrates & refreshes the skin

Rose-water spray is a power-packed ingredient with hydration & moisture-locking properties that rejuvenates the skin to the core. This element is a great way to fight dull, dry, and lifeless skin. It also effectively pulls out all the dirt & dust from the skin while cleaning excess oil from the pores.

6. Acts as a toner

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You’ll be amazed to know that rosewater also acts as a classic toner. This effectively tightens the skin and also minimizes the protruding appearing pores. It also reinforces the skin to its ideal PH level, which is often increased due to the high concentration of chemicals present in the skin and makeup products. 

Hence, spraying rose water on your skin after using the best facewash for oily skin will instantly add new life to it.

7. Prevents aging and also unclogs pores

Rosewater has the power to clean the pores and suck out all the germs & dirt from them. It hydrates the skin and also prevents it from premature aging. This ingredient has the excellent property of sealing the moisture into the skin while fighting with free radicals that make the skin dry and lifeless.

8. Balances the oil production

Our skin produces oil to keep the hydration level under control and maintain a barrier for the skin. However, in the hot & humid type climate, the skin may produce excess oil, leading to acne and other skin-related issues. 

Thus, to maintain the natural oil barrier and not to disturb the microflora of the skin, you should use the best facewash for pimples enriched with the richness of the rosewater essence.

Summing Up!!

Rosewater can either be used in its natural form or in the form of skin toners, rose sheet marks, best facewash for oily skin, skin smoothener, makeup remover, and many more. 

So, that’s all about the various benefits that you can happily enjoy by distilling and submerging the rose petals in water. What are you waiting for now? Order a bottle of rose water from a reputed brand and add it to your skincare regime to make your skin healthy and glowing.